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Search engine optimization technics remain core strategies to improve websites traffic and visibility.

The SE Industry evolves within a changing and fast paced environment. This is the reason why I decided to republish the MOZ articles about SEO. I personally endorse and recommend its content. Enjoy your reading !

Latest "SEO Weekly News" Updates

  • The Perfect Blog Post Length and Publishing Frequency is B?!!$#÷x - Whiteboard Friday August 18, 2017
    Posted by randfishThe perfect blog post length or publishing frequency doesn't actually exist. "Perfect" isn't universal — your content's success depends on tons of personalized factors. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand explains why the idea of "perfect" is baloney when it comes to your blog, and lists what you shoul […]
  • 5 Tips to Help Show ROI from Local SEO August 15, 2017
    Posted by JoyHawkinsEarlier this year, when I was first writing my advanced local SEO training, I reached out to some users who work for local SEO agencies and asked them what they'd like more training on. The biggest topic I got as a result was related to tracking and reporting value to small business owners. My clients will often forward me reports fr […]
  • SEO Above the Funnel: Getting More Traffic When You Can’t Rank Any Higher August 14, 2017
    Posted by Tom.CapperNormally, as SEOs, we follow a deceptively simple process. We identify how people are searching for our product, then we build or optimize pages or websites to match searcher intent, we make sure Google can find, understand, and trust it, and we wait for the waves of delicious traffic to roll in.It’s not always that simple, though. What i […]
  • Google (Almost Certainly) Has an Organic Quality Score (Or Something a Lot Like It) that SEOs Need to Optimize For - Whiteboard Friday August 11, 2017
    Posted by randfishEntertain the idea, for a moment, that Google assigned a quality score to organic search results. Say it was based off of click data and engagement metrics, and that it would function in a similar way to the Google AdWords quality score. How exactly might such a score work, what would it be based off of, and how could you optimize for it? W […]
  • How to Find Your Competitor’s Backlinks - Next Level August 10, 2017
    Posted by BrianChilds Welcome to the newest installment of our educational Next Level series! In our last episode, Brian Childs equipped copywriters with the tools they need to succeed with SEO. Today, he's back to share how to use Open Site Explorer to find linking opportunities based upon your competitors' external inbound links. Read on and leve […]

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