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Why I Love Social Integration

Why I Love Social Integration (and Why You Should Too)

There are three types of active YOBSN Owners:

- The first owner just wants to sell more YOBSNs.
- The second owner wants more revenue streams from their free members.
- The third owner wants both. They want to sell more YOBSNs and have revenue streams from every free member purchase in all of those YOBSNs.

The good news is that Social Integration achieves all of these goals and much more! Social Integration is so powerful that it can even help create revenue from non-members!

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Web Releases Of YOBSN Free Mobile Games

Web Releases Of  YOBSN Free Mobile Games (incl. Mobile Software Update)

The company worked for months to release Web versions of its powerful Mobile game. Now things are happening very quickly.

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5 YOBSN Mobile Games

5 Games Available on the YOBSN Mobile Platform

All five of these games are now available on both iOS (Apple) and Android devices and are being enjoyed with incredibly high quality graphics and amazing gameplay.

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Bubble Champion Reviews

YOBSN - Bubble Champion Reviews

Bubble Champion was the first YOBSN game that became available both on iOS and Android devices. Even though it's still being completed, we are already getting many comments from the testers who have been very enthusiastic.

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YOBSN Number Muncher nEdutainment Game

YOBSN - Number Muncher Edutainment Game

Number Muncher is one of the fabulous, soon-to-be-released "Edutainment" games from YOBSN Games. It will be available exclusively to YOBSN Owners for their Free Members.

Number Muncher will be compatible with multiple Mobile devices & Game Console. This includes:

  • Kindle Fire (1st Gen), iPhone 5, iPad (1st Gen), OUYA Game Console connected to monitor

Why is this significant?

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YOBSN Mobile Smart Mail

YOBSN - Awesome Mobile Smart Mail

The newly designed Smart Mail for YOBSN Mobile is AWESOME!

YOBSN Mobile Project is making great progress each day. Here are some images from a whole new generation of Mobile Smart Mail

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YOBSN Mobile Games

YOBSN - Exclusive Mobile Gaming

This company update contains 2 subjects:

- YOBSN Delivers Awesome Exclusive Mobile Gaming

- YOBSN Mobile iPad Giveaway

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YOBSN Mobile app fotos

Photos of the YOBSN Mobile application

Some photographs of a small part of the YOBSN Mobile App in action, taken by one of its developers.

Inside You'll find also a relevant information about "who and how" to get access, use and distribute the YOBSn Mobile app once it goes live.

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YOBSN Hot News - Social Points & Corporate Structure

Key Social Points and Corporate Structure Evolution

This company update contains 2 subjects:

- Key Social Points and In-Game purchases

- The evolution of YOBSN and the Corporate Structure

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YOBSN Hot News - Social Points security update

Social Points (security update)

Making sure that Social Point fraud does NOT occur on YOBSN is priority #1 for the conversion. This is something that Smart Media has been working on behind the scenes for months and now they are almost finished.

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YOBSN Hot News - History in the Making

History in the Making

Imagine what it would have been like to be sitting in Thomas Edison’s laboratory at the precise moment that the very first light bulb illuminated… Or to be in the room and listen in as Alexander Graham Bell successfully makes the first phone call.  Or what it would have been like to be sitting on the sandy hills at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, watching as Wilber and Orville Wright take flight for the first time?

My guess is that it would have been incredible.  These are stories that you would share with your children and grand children as you grew old.  The only thing that could top that is if you were actually a part of these revolutionary “World Changing” events and you were actually able to share in the prosperity of these events. Don’t you agree?

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YOBSN Hot News - Gradient Feature

Gradient Feature

You already know about the beautiful default backgrounds that you can select for your YOBSN. You already know that you can load custom images as a background in your YOBSN (how to videos).

That was great! But many YOBSN users asked for more.  They also want solid colors and gradients in their backgrounds so that they can have even more choices that fit the story they are tyring to tell. The YOBSN developers team heard you. Look at what is coming soon...

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